Cat Crashes A Dog Park — And The Dogs Welcome Her With Open Arms

Just when we think dogs can’t possibly impress us any more, they go and do something like this! Obviously they are full of loyalty and love, but when it comes to cats, we were told they just couldn’t get along with them. But watch here as a cat decides to crash the dog park.Maggie is one of the two-to-three million stray cats in Greece, but she’s a bit different than the others.

She is spayed and has been living in this neighborhood for years, and she’s very outgoing. She often hangs out at the local cafe and tries to get cuddles from any human she can.On this day, Maggie saw a group heading to the dog park and joined up to tag along. The dogs accepted her right away and made her feel at home!

Although Maggie is a stray, she lives a good life and receives lots of love everywhere she goes.

The stray situation in Greece is out of control, but organizations like The Orphan Pet are doing everything in their power to help out.

In the meantime, we’re happy that strays like Maggie can live their lives the way they are.