Cat’s Reaction To Being Reunited With Blind Dog Is The Sweetest Thing

Jasper the cat is best friends with a blind dog named Coco. When Coco had to move away, Jasper waited by the back door for his friend, each and every day, until this sweet reunion.Things happen in life that can cause disruption in the normal routine and these things also affect pets. When this pet owner got a new job a few hours away, she took her daughter’s blind dog, Coco, with her because Coco needed special care.

Jasper, Coco’s best friend, and honorary seeing-eye cat was left behind. Each day the sweet kitty waited for her friend to return, certainly missing the sweet dog and wondering where she was.After a month passed, it was clear that the two friends needed to see each other. They both missed each other very much. So, Coco and her human went to Jasper’s house where this sweet reunion was videoed.

When Jasper is told he has a surprise the tabby cat follows his human through the house curious, what could it be? The cat must have known something special was about to happen and had been able to recognize the sound of the dog at the door.

Coco is in the house!

The two immediately are drawn together, Coco’s tail wagging in happiness over recognizing her kitty friend. They follow each other around the room, happily reuniting like all old friends do after some time has passed.

They are so sweet together and a beautiful reminder that best friends are meant to be treasured and are such a great gift, even in the animal world. For these two, it doesn’t get any better than getting to see each other again.