Charismatic Rescue Dog Meets A Flock Of Sheep And Reveals Her Secret Talent

Michael Jobson adopted Lady, a 3-year-old Basset Hound, without knowing that she was a superb sheep whisperer. Her super-secret talent was discovered by accident when she accompanied him out one day!Lady effortlessly leads the sheep around the field, but how? Is it magic? Are the sheep in a trance? Does she know the password? It’s hard to say, and Lady doesn’t even seem to notice that she has a fan club following her every step!

It’s not a job usually done by a Basset Hound, but Lady takes to sheep herding like a duck to water!

Michael and Fiona already have a sheepdog, but are considering having Lady lend him a paw, since she’s such a natural! I guess if a pig like Babe can do it, why not a Basset Hound?