Check Into This Hotel And Adopt Or Foster A Dog During Your Stay

A Home 2 Suites Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi is helping shelter dogs find furever homes while also providing furry companionship to lonely travelers.The pet friendly Home 2 Suites, an extended stay Hilton Hotel, is taking part in the Human Society of South Mississippi’s Fostering Hope program. The hotel has set up dog kennels in its hotel lobby.

Guests at the hotel can foster a dog during their stay and even apply to adopt the dog while a guest at the hotel. Once an adoption application has been approved, the guest can take their new dog to their room so they can start their new life together right away.Some huge benefits of the Fostering Hope Program are that more dogs are socialized with people outside the stressful shelter environment, it frees up much needed space at the shelter, and it gets adoptable animals out in front of the public’s eyes.

Since the extended stay hotel specializes in long-term travelers, many people enjoy the companionship of fostering a dog, which also provides comfort to people far away from home and maybe even their own pets.

The project is also great because it allows the guests’ time to get to know a dog in a relaxing, comfortable environment. They can take the animals for walks, give it treats, and spend time playing with the dogs so it’s a win-win for all.

How does the program work? When guests check into the hotel they can apply to foster a dog, however they are under no obligation to adopt it.

If and when they change their mind, they fill out an adoption application right there at the hotel. Once the application is approved, the $50 adoption fee is paid and the new furry family member now moves into the comfy hotel room with their new owner.

So far the program has been a great success and 33 shelter dogs have been adopted. This is probably no surprise because once fostering a dog, how do you say goodbye?