Clark And Remy: A Tale Of Two Rescue Dogs Overcoming Phobia Together

Two dogs with different personalities are captured on video by their fur mom with one helping the other conquer his fear.Clark and Remy are rescue dogs who have been together since they were pups.A new home triggered Remy’s anxiety over crossing a doorway which Clark helped him overcome.Rescue dogs come with issues — that is the usual warning to those hoping to rescue canines. But for rescue brothers Clark and Remy, any issue can be solved if they go through it together by helping each other.

The two have different personalities. Clark is the outgoing one while Remy is shy and timid. But their fur mom Jessica Grider captured a heartwarming moment between the two which cemented her faith that the two are really looking out for each other.Remy “is just anxious and timid in most situations. He wears a thunder jacket a good amount of the time to help him calm down,” shared Jessica.When they moved into a new house, it uncovered a new anxiety trigger for Remy.

Remy seemed afraid to cross a doorway, Jessica said. “The floors look the same, but one is actually slicker than the other. The transition between the two made him nervous.”

Even with coaxing from his mom, Remy was still afraid to cross the doorway. Then comes Clark to the rescue to reassure Remy — and this time, Grider caught it on video. This is not the first time for Clark to be at Remy’s side but this is the first time that there is evidence on film.

Jessica said, “It was very heartwarming! Remy has now conquered his fear of the doorway, thanks to Clark’s help.”

The reassurance that Remy got from Clark made him conquer his fear. Clark’s been the best buddy and a supportive friend to Remy ever since they were pups — and he would continue to be there whenever Remy needs him.

Jessica said, “I think Remy appreciates having a friend around to help him out. I love that having Clark around helps to ease Remy’s anxiety.”

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