Clever Cat Is Seen Knocking On The Door Just As A Human Would Do

Sheekilah Jones was waiting to catch her bus to work one day when she heard something throughout the otherwise quiet, early morning neighborhood. It was a knocking sound, but no one was around. But she kept looking, and that’s when she saw it…There it was: a black cat perched on top of the handrail pawing at the knocker on the door exactly like a human!

He must’ve wanted back inside, and he knew the best way to get his owner’s attention.Sheekilah couldn’t believe her eyes and ears and recorded some of it for everyone to see. But she didn’t get to stick around and find out if the knocking actually worked.“I was tempted to go and knock a bit harder for him, but then my bus came,” she told The Dodo.

“So at that point I got on the bus, still in shock.”

Too funny!