Clever Dog Uses The Mailbox To Greet People In The Neighborhood

Courtney Poole and her husband, Evan, have a mailbox built right into their porch, and it’s a feature of the house that their dog, Rigby, has been fond of as long as he can remember! The one-year-old pooch uses it to greet people out and about in the neighborhood.The friendly dog was once small enough to fit through the opening, and his parents could pass him back and forth to let him out.

But now, the mailbox is just the right height and the perfect size for the 70-pound pup to fit his head through to see what’s going on out in the world! This often takes passersby by surprise and provides them with a laugh.As for the mailman, he’s only seen Rigby once this way as the dog is usually only out on the porch with his parents a few times a day.

The mailman was understandably caught off guard, but Dad handled the situation.

Now the mailman understands what’s going on, and Rigby can feel free to go back to scouting the neighborhood from his special spot!

H/T – The Dodo