Clever Dog Waits Until Her Owner Is Asleep And Then Makes Her Move

In China’s Anhui province lives a very sneaky and smart Labrador named Youyou. And while we often may wonder what our dogs do at night while we’re fast asleep, Youyou’s owner now has their answer! The security camera caught it all for them to see.The dog waits until her owner is asleep in the bedroom to make her move.

And that’s when she paws at the freezer to get out the ice cream! The Lab enjoys herself and her treat to the fullest and even has a contingency plan to not get caught…After eating all of the ice cream, the dog cleans up the mess and tosses the container into the trash can to dispose of all the evidence!

If the moment hadn’t been caught on camera, this all would’ve been very confusing to the owner. Can you believe the forward thinking of this pooch?