Comfort Dog Works At The Vet To Reassure Patients That Everything Is Going To Be Alright


A veterinarian has come up with a unique way to comfort his furry patients by ‘hiring’ a Comfort Dog Assistant whose job it is to calm and console anxious pets.No one likes to go to the doctor and it’s especially hard for animals that can’t understand why they are being subjected to the scary smells, sounds, and procedures that they are forced to endure in the caring hands of those trying to help them.

An animal hospital can even be a scarier place for pets being left alone or who have undergone painful surgeries or other unpleasant procedures in their past that elevate their level of fear and anxiety.To help pets alleviate their fear, this adorable dog works as a Comfort Dog Assistant and shows the patients at this animal hospital some TLC so they are not so afraid during their stay.

If this sweet picture is any indication, the presence of the pooch is appreciated by this fur baby who appears to be getting a blood transfusion after a surgical procedure. The dogs are nose-to-nose while the pet patient is resting on a hospital bed.

The photo has since gone viral and the world speculates on what happened to the poor doggy and why it needed medical care. One thing everyone can agree on, is the scene is precious and the ill dog does seem to be comforted by the other.

It is widely known that all sorts of animals have been found to help and comfort other animals, raise babies of other species, and work as therapy animals to help human beings.

The leap is not so big to think that a comfort dog would be a great asset in many animal hospitals to help the healing begin for the sick or injured who would appreciate the company and comfort of one of their own.

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