Couple Captures What Sleeping With A Dog Is Really Like

Lots of people enjoy sleeping with their dogs. They give lots of comforting snuggles and people say having them close by makes them feel loved. Sometimes the bed feels empty when the dog is not there and that’s a little sad.But, do you ever wonder if dogs really help you sleep better?

Perhaps if your dog is the size of a peanut and takes up such little space that they can tuck in anywhere they won’t disrupt your nightly dreams. However, what happens if you have a big dog?This hilariously accurate video shows what it’s really like to sleep with dogs. The German shepherd is certainly in charge of the bed and is dictating just how much sleep his owners are going to get at night.

What is it like to sleep with dogs? Watch this video and see:

Its bed time for this couple and in the dog’s mind that means it’s time to get up and kiss them both good night…..on the face…lots of licking, slurp, slurp, slurp.

Next, it’s time to tuck the owners in. The doggo must think he can tuck them in good by walking over the top of them both. Yes, that’s how it’s done, “I walkie on mom and dad…and I squish down the blankets.” Stomp, stomp, stomp.

After all that hard work, the dog needs some refreshment from the water dish. “I’m drinkin’ da water at 2 am, no one minds, right?” Glug, glug, glug….”don’t mind the dribbles…”

“Oh, did I wake you?” Doggo’s owner walks blindly to the bathroom trying to sleep pee so as to not totally wake up. Mission accomplished. Returns to the bed to find the fur child sleeping, cuddled up against mom, his butt right in her face. How cozy is this?

Now it’s 4 am and finally in REM…let the slurpy butt licking begin! The night would not be complete without it. Or, the click, click, click of four tiny paws on the hard floors, tap, tap, tap.

“It’s 6 o’ clock door master, time to let me out!” Two minutes later, “Are you comfy in there? It’s time to let me in,” let the pathetic howling commence.

Once back inside, the doggo wonders why his humans are still asleep. Let me help them wake up by licking their feet, the pup must think. “Why are they still in bed?”

“Now I can have the bed all to myself, I’m so sleepy…”