Couple ‘walks’ All 19 Dogs Using An Incredible ‘Puppy Train’

Both retired, Paul and Alice Johnson have adopted a total of 19 stray dogs.When they went back to Florida to settle, the couple thought of a way to walk all their dogs around town: a puppy train.Every Friday, Paul, Alice and their dogs stroll around the neighborhood, making the express ride the neighborhood’s favorite spectacle!This couple has thought of the most adorable way to walk their dozen and a half dogs around the neighborhood: through the Dogs’ Wonderland Express.

The Friday ride of Paul and Alice Johnston, both retired, is being anticipated by the neighborhood, where they chug around Lehigh Acres, Florida in a train full of pups. Paul drives the train and Alice trails the wagon on her bike — such a beautiful sight for the neighbors who enjoy watching them. Some passersby would even stop to wave and take photos of the dog caravan.

“People videotape us every Friday. It’s so funny, people will bring their dogs out to see us, and they’ll bring their children out to see us,” Alice said. “We knew it was a big hit in the community. It’s funny because sometimes they wave at the dogs, and I’m thinking, ‘I wish my dogs could wave back,’ cause they would.”

Ten years ago, Paul and Alice, both retired, only had four dogs, three parrots and three cats when they moved to Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. They weren’t really expecting that their family would be as big as now, until they couldn’t stand seeing so many injured and abandoned strays around the city. Later on, they found themselves fostering any stray dog they met. In a jiff, they’ve become parents to 19 pups!

“When we would have one that we couldn’t find a home for, we adopted. Of course, we thought, mhm 19 dogs — it’s going to be a nightmare,” Alice told NBC2 News.

Despite the challenge of having lots of dogs, the lovebirds couldn’t imagine life without them. Alice told USA Today, “Once we adopt them, they’re family.”

Soon after, Paul and Alice went back home to the US and settled in Florida, where they thought of building the puppy train to easily stroll all dogs around the community.

“Some people think we’re crazy,” Paul said. “It’s probably true.”

Ultimately, the couple’s inspiration on the Friday express ride is their pups, who relish that refreshing experience. But apart from spoiling them, Paul and Alice hoped that the idea would encourage others to adopt and take care of stray pets.

“We have adoptions signs, just to give people an idea to let them know what we’re doing,” the couple said.