Cow Thinks He Is A Dog And Sneaks Into The House Like He Is A Small Pup!

Sven is a cow who grew up jn a 9-acre land with rescued animals and 6 dogs.He actually thinks he’s a dog and he likes going inside the house every chance he gets.Luckily, it’s alwqys easy for his mom to lure hime out with cookies, because like other dogs, he loves treats just aa much!
Although Sven was born a cow, he actually thinks he is a dog because he grew up with his six dog siblings.

“He is incredibly intelligent and he loves treats and being brushed,” Sven’s parent, Nicole Fredericks, who is also a licensed vet tech and wildlife rehabber, told The Dodo. “He loves cuddles but they have to be on his terms.”Sven enjoys 9 acres of land where he lives together with his rescued brother and sisters — cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, goats, pigeons, and one parrot. Understandably, things could get really messy because there are a lot of animals in the farm.

But since Sven thinks he’s a dog, he loves sneaking into the house every time he sees a chance.

Of course, he is not supposed to be in there because the floor is too slippery for him and he could end up hurting itself. But Sven seemed to never mind that at all.

“Anytime the door is open longer than a few minutes he will make a break for it,” Nicole said. “Cows are super, super curious animals (worse than cats) and when he was a baby he was sick for a few days and lived in my laundry room for a while so he was used to being inside. He rarely makes it inside anymore because I make sure to lock the doorknob.”

Recently, Nicole forgot just for a second to lock the door and as expected, Sven walked casually right in as if he was meant to be there like any other dog. Luckily, like dogs too, he loves treats and it’s always easy for Nicole to lure him out of the house with it.

“I usually laugh if he makes it inside and just grab some treats to bribe him back outside before any damage is done,” she said. “Cows are very food-motivated so he normally walks right out for a cookie. He did get in a few months ago and made it all the way to my bedroom and woke me up.”

For Sven, he doesn’t really care what the rules say. He loves getting into the house just as much he loves cookies.

“I don’t think he has any aspect of ‘I shouldn’t do this’ the way a dog might,” Fredericks said. “If they want to do something; they just do it!”