Cute Squirrel Rescued From A Hurricane Can’t Sleep Without Her Teddy Bear

Meet Jill, a cute squirrel that was rescued from Hurricane Isaac back in 2012.
After a quick look through her Instagram, it’s not hard to see why she has so many loyal followers, she’s absolutely adorable!“Vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.”

Taken off Jill’s Instagram.The cutest thing for us is her miniature teddy bear which she cannot do without, especially when bedtime approaches.Back in 2021, Jill fell out of her nest during a typhoon. So her owners decided to take her on temporarily.But this turned permanent, and both Jill and her owners seemed to be very happy with the arrangement.

Jill enjoys travelling, as her owner mentions:

“Jill has come with me on vacation ever since I began caring for her — before she was even a year old. She is a pro at long drives”

Jill is potty-trained, she loves fashion and clearly loves posing for the camera.

One of Jill’s favorite activities is napping with her teddy bear.

When Jill is not playing or napping, she’s taking care of her blog This Girl Is A Squirrel

Jill has her own Instagram account that has amassed over 725k followers from all over the world.