Dad Asks Dog To Help With The Laundry, Good Boy Actually Comes Through For Him

Trey Foote was doing a load of laundry the other day when all of a sudden he needed a hand… Or a paw. As he was carrying the clean clothes through the house to go upstairs and put them away, he dropped a sock behind on the floor. So he asked his dog, Jonsi, for a favor.“Jonsi, will you grab that sock and bring it up?”

Dad asked. But apparently he didn’t expect his dog to actually listen.A moment later, you see Jonsi get up off of the couch and retrieve the sock before taking it upstairs to Dad and Mom.“Oh my God, he did it!!” you can hear Trey exclaim to his wife. She didn’t believe it until she saw it play out on the security cam footage.

What a good helper Jonsi is!