Dad Builds Cozy Bedroom For Cat So He Can Watch Bird Videos

Bryan Davies’ cat Wyatt loves watching squirrels and birds from a window.Winter months allow few bird and squirrel sightings so they turn to YouTube to watch bird videos on a tablet.Bryan builds Wyatt his own bedroom with the tablet mounted on the wall to serve as his TV.Bryan Davies adopted shelter cat, Wyatt, just a few months ago. In the short time that Wyatt has stayed with them, they discovered that Wyatt has a favorite pastime — watching birds and squirrels from a window.

But during the cold winter months, birds and squirrels seldom made appearances at the window. So, in order to entertain the cute cat, Bryan turned to YouTube. He showed Wyatt the bird videos on a tablet and the cat loves it.But Bryan decided to go the extra mile for Wyatt.When they had renovations done on their house, they discovered an unused space along a wall. And an idea popped into his head.Since Wyatt was already enjoying viewing videos on the tablet that acts as his television, why not use the space to build him a room of his own.

Bryan said, “It was the perfect spot for an even tinier bedroom in our tiny bedroom in our tiny home.” And so, he opened up the wall and started remodeling.

The finished tiny room had a small cat bed, works of art on the walls, and the “TV” mounted on the wall.

Wyatt had his own tiny space to watch his favorite animal videos on!

“He loves it,” Bryan said when he showed Wyatt the room. Evidence is that Wyatt has made it his go-to-spot.

Bryan said, “He spends a lot of time in there, asking to watch his show before taking a nap. He zones out to the screen like a normal teen. And he naps — hard. He really does enjoy it as much as a kid who finally got his own room.”

Wyatt may not stay there all the time but Davies says he seems to enjoy having his own little space.

For Bryan who thinks of Wyatt as his best friend and who means a lot to him, everything was more than worth it.