Dad Builds Stick Library At the Local Dog Park, Now All Dogs Can Play Fetch

Some people go above and beyond to take care of not only their own dogs, but other dogs as well. You know the type of people, they are the ones who always are the first to foster, volunteer at the shelter, or deliver food and blankets to needy dogs. Sometimes the service is lifesaving, other times simply for fun, such as this one.

Andrew Taylor, a toolmaker Kaiapoi, from New Zealand, had one of the most awesomely fun ideas ever, which would make many dogs happy. His dog Bella was the muse for his brilliant plan.One day he was trimming trees in his backyard and the discarded branches gave him the thought. His dog Bella, loves to quickly rip through her toys.

As a toy substitute, she often plays fetch with sticks at the dog park. Noticing it was difficult to find the perfect sized stick while at the park, Andrew decided to cut his branches into perfect sized fetch sticks.

His idea didn’t end there. He made fetch sticks for all the dogs at the dog park and also came up with a special ‘library’ box to put them in. So all could see and find them, he made a fun sign that said “Stick Library.”

We think his idea is awesome and know that his idea made many dogs and owners very happy. His daughter said:

“When the park opened on November 30, mum and dad took Bella and sure enough there were no good sticks. Dad is the type of guy that is always thinking of things to make, so the next day he found a suitable crate and made the sign for the top.”

Andrew proves to us that we all have different talents and ideas, each one as important as the next. When we use our gifts to give back to others, the most wonderful magic happens. In this case, a box of sticks and a sign is sure to continue to spread joy each day.