Dad Caught His Toddler Playing With Neighbor’s Dog And The Video Went Viral

Kids usually love dogs. And a lot of times, dogs love the kids back just as much! When a child and a dog form a bond, there isn’t much that can keep the two apart. Not even a fence!Chad Nelson has a toddler son and two dogs. His dogs love his son, Conway. And Conway loves the two dogs. However, they aren’t fond of playing fetch with him.

So, when Conway realized that there was a playmate in the next-door neighbor’s yard, he couldn’t help but get him involved in a good old fashioned game of fetch.“I had Conway throwing a ball at about 2-weeks-old,” Nelson told KARE 11. “I’d put the ball in his hand when he was laying on his back.”

Nelson recorded Conway tossing a ball over the fence into the neighbor’s yard, where Dozer, a Yellow Labrador and the boy’s new best friend, was waiting to catch it. Dozer even grabs the first toss.

And then he throws it back!

“It was just a cute thing,” Nelson said. “We just thought Conway was being cute and our friends would like it and all of sudden it’s being shared to thousands of people.”

“Conway just loves playing catch,” Nelson said. “We have two dogs but neither one will play fetch. So, he was pretty excited to have someone that would.”

This is such a cute video, and the internet has made these new best friends go viral!