Dad Places Newborn Girl On Floor, Dog “Loses His Mind” And Goes Right For Her

Max the 3-year-old Golden Retriever was surprised when his human came home with a “funny looking car seat” in his hand. He had no idea that the family had just welcomed their daughter, Olivia, who was all set to be his new baby sister. The family made sure to capture Max’s first encounter with little Olivia, which turned out to be quite an unforgettable moment for all!

In this video, we see Max’s adorably stupefied reaction as he sees 2-day-old Olivia for the first time. He stares at her with wide-eyed wonder the moment Dad places the baby carrier on the floor. He soon picks up on the baby’s scent and realizes that the beguiling creature is now a part of the family!

Max is overcome with happiness as he begins hopping about the room with a wagging tail.

His excitement knows no bounds as he hovers and jumps around baby Olivia and gently licks her feet multiple times! He even kisses Dad to thank him for bringing her home! What a darling good boy!

After witnessing Max’s overflowing affections for Olivia, we can totally tell that he is going to be a doting big brother to her! Olivia sure is one lucky girl to have such a sweet furry guardian angel by her side. Dogs are such nurturing and loving souls!