Dad Pointed His Camera At The Door Knowing His Dog Was In For A ‘Reunion Of A Lifetime’

Military reunion videos with family members are emotional and usually filled with happy tears and hugs. Dogs who see their military moms and dads after a long time apart are some of the most tearjerking and joyful videos online. Just ask Oshie the Golden Retriever.

The affectionate doggo missed his soldier mom so much, he could not control his emotions on reunion day.Oshie’s mom had been in Norway on a training mission. On the day she came home to her family, Oshie was waiting patiently for her to appear.The pooch’s dad videotaped the reunion, asking Oshie “who’s home?” The dog peeks around the corner, waits by the door, and suddenly it’s a celebration!

He can’t stop crying, wagging, jumping at his mom, and he even rolls over for tummy rubs. Oshie’s mom is all smiles and hits her knees to be closer to the dog.

At one point, watch as Oshie brings her a blanket, maybe to say “don’t ever leave me again!”.