Dad Tells Dog They’re Going To The Beach, Captures Dog’s Antics on Camera

Heading to the beach for some summertime fun is something millions of people and their dogs do every year.Just like kids on summer vacation who ask, “Are we there yet,” some dogs take their travel anticipation to the extreme.They whine, plead, and get so excited, they just can’t hide it. We found a dog who is seriously pining for some surf time.

Meet Doggo the dog, who along with his owner, is headed for sandy beaches and oceanside excitement.As his buddy drives along the path to the beach, the dog starts bellowing, whimpering and chirping as if to say, “Can you go a little faster, Dad?”The pooch tries to contain his joy, but in true canine style, he can’t hold back for long.

His anticipation gets the best of him and he starts pleading and begging for them to get there already!

It’s okay, sweetie, you are almost there.

Watch this terrific twosome in action and try not to giggle as you listen to the woe-is-me sounds made by this canine comedian!