Dad Tells His Puppy How Handsome He Looks In His Bandana And Gets Quite A Response

A puppy plays tough when dad tries to give him a compliment and he had us laughing out loud in less than half a minute.
Some of us are terrible at taking a compliment. Whether we’re just not used to it or it doesn’t reflect the way we actually feel about ourselves, we often brush them off when the polite thing to do is just say “thank you” (as long as the comment is appropriate).

Now dogs, on other hand, have no excuse. They get complimented all day long.Have you ever gone a day without telling your pet they were good or adorable or the very best?Dogs are pretty great at taking compliments too. They wag their tails and snuggle up close (and hope that a treat isn’t far behind).

Of course, puppies can be a different story. They don’t really know what anything means yet – and they haven’t yet learned to associate those compliments with good things like face time and treats and belly rubs.

For one little fella, the compliment his dad gave him just left him at a loss. And the video of the moment is going viral because it’s just so darn cute.

“This adorable little puppy looks even more handsome than normal in his bandana, and his owner likes to remind him of this. However, the puppy hasn’t quite learned how to graciously accept a compliment and barks every time he hears it.”

In it, dad has his little man dressed in a tiny bandana. And whenever his owner tries to compliment him on his little “outfit,” the confused puppy just barks.

Is he complaining about the sartorial choice? Just trying to talk back? Or is he just bad at taking a compliment?

But does he like it?
YouTuber Sean Sarantos asks the little pup flat-out, “Hey, how do you like your bandana?”

At first, the pup is too busy licking dad’s face to listen to him, so he asks again, “Do you like it?”

This prompts a bark from the puppy.

“It’s pretty nice,” the pup dad continues, and again the dog lets out a bark! He looks like he’s getting defensive as Sean turns to him and says, “You look handsome.”

“How dare you call him cute, he is a fearsome warrior,” joked one commenter about the scene.

The pup gives Sarantos a little playful nip on the back of his neck.

“I still think you look handsome,” he says.

This little dude is SO over the compliments. In fact, he lifts up his paw and then huffs out of his nose just to get the point across that he doesn’t want to hear any more nonsense.

For only 28 seconds of video, this dog sure does express A LOT of personality!

Many people took to the comments to express their love for the video, with one person saying:

“A lot of attitude in such a small package. So super duper cute.”

He certainly is!

Be sure to scroll down below to watch the adorable clip for yourself.