Daddy Duty Is Fun And Games For This German Shepherd

Maybe times have changed, but when I was a kid, my mom did most of the work raising my brother and I and my dad was the one who played with us. Daddy duty looks just like that for this German Shepherd, named Kaiser, and his 4-week-old puppies!It’s amazing to see how such a large dog can be so gentle with such tiny puppies.

You can see that each puppy’s head is small enough to fit inside his large mouth, but he never closes those massive jaws on his puppies and plays as gently as can be with his adorable offspring.Being a mom is difficult whether you have fur or not, so these puppies’ mama is probably taking a much-needed break while dad takes over for a while.

Kaiser looks like one proud papa with his children!

What do you think? Does daddy duty look like this in your household, or not?