Deer Enters A Gift Shop Looking For Food, Comes Back Later With Her Entire Family

Lori Jones works in a little gift shop and convenience store at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park. One day she had an unforgettable encounter with the local wildlife. Although where she lives it’s pretty common to have an encounter with animals, this one’s a particularly exceptional event. A doe suddenly entered the store and looked around.

Lori found it hilarious that the doe seemed to be checking out the chips and sunglasses sections. The doe is actually the mother of a family of deer that can be seen around the area.While holding a peanut bar in one hand as bait, Lori escorted the doe outside. But it wasn’t the last time Lori would see the doe. After 30 minutes, the doe came back with her family of three twin deer and a young buck.

The young ones waited at the door while the doe entered the store, all the way to the counter. It was a funny and unforgettable experience for Lori. Just as she did before, she escorted the deer family outside with a peanut bar.

Lori Jones works at a small convenience store and gift shop at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park.

The area is known for having frequent encounters with the local wildlife. One day, a doe stepped inside the gift shop.

She found it hilarious that the doe was actually checking out chips and sunglasses.

Lori escorted the doe outside the shop by giving her a peanut bar.

After 30 minutes, the doe came back with her twin offspring and an adopted young buck.

Lori found it funny and amusing the way the doe entered the store while the young ones waited at the door, and escorted the whole deer family outside and into the woods by luring them with a peanut bar.

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