Desert-wandering Dog Finds Adventure Of A Lifetime

A young couple stumbled upon a lost dog, named Birdie, while driving in the Utah desert.The two rescued the little pup and gave it to their friend who could take care of her.Now, Birdie is having the time of her life, savoring a lot of adventures with her mom and fur siblings!One sunny day, a young couple named Jayden and Sierra spotted a dog running loose in the Utah desert.The animal-loving couple couldn’t take the sight of the lonely puppy all alone, looking so lean and lost.

Jayden and Sierra then came close to the young pup and noticed that she had an owner.The two were able to trace the dog’s owners, who unfortunately said that they didn’t want her around anymore, making the couple heartbroken. They could have adopted him right then and there, but pets are not allowed in their apartment. This didn’t stop them, though, to help the little pup.

The couple called up their friend, Brianna Madia, who also loves dogs and agreed to take the pup, Birdie, in for the meantime.

Brianna usually spends months at a time living in her van with her two almost-10-year-old dogs, Bucket and Dagwood.

Adding another dog made Brianna worry over how her two canine besties would react, and adding a much younger dog than they are could be worse, Brianna thought. But her fears were wiped away the moment the three pups met: it was love in an instant!

Although Birdie was very shy at first, Bucket and Dagwood were very welcoming, helping Birdie to quickly adjust. Soon enough, she learned how to have fun in snowy fields, swim, and play with her new siblings!

“We had this very timid dog, and then it was like we woke up one morning and had this court jester,” Brianna said.

Birdie came out of her shell in no time and now has a habit of literally bouncing whenever she’s excited or happy, which she actually does most of the time.

“She just brought this breath of fresh air into the pack. I knew I was going to keep her,” Brianna said, who officially took Birdie as the new member of her pack.

And we know that many fun adventures await this pawsome family of four.