Dog Adopted An Orphaned Opossom 3 Years Ago And Still Carries Him On Her Back

Opossums are quirky little marsupials that are most active at night when they hunt for bugs, mice, and snakes. The little critters are beneficial to have around although most people don’t get to see them very often.Since they are most active at night, they are at high risk of getting hit by cars, which is exactly what happened to this unfortunate little opossum. The opossum sadly died but didn’t die alone; her baby was still clinging to her back.

Fortunately, when rescuers stopped to help they saw the joey and took it to the vet. The joey was unharmed and healthy, but of course now an orphan. Rescuers decided to introduce the little baby they named Poncho to a white German shepherd, Hantu, who didn’t have any puppies of her own.

To the delight of everyone who saw them together, Hantu and Ponchu instantly bonded and made the most adorable pair. Hantu was happy to be a surrogate mother to the adorable Poncho, who now clung to her back everywhere they went just as though she was his real mother.

Three years later, Poncho is much bigger but he still hitches a ride on Hantu. When Hantu goes on walks, Poncho goes along for the ride and they are still inseparable. Together, they enjoy life in South Carolina at the Rare Species Fund, where they educate people about wildlife diversity and conservation programs.

Once fragile and left alone, one baby possum sure found a best friend in a lonely German shepherd who adopted as her own. The two could not be any cuter as they go for walks together in the woods and inspire people to be more appreciative of wildlife.

These two precious creatures can teach us a lot about love and friendship and we hope they enjoy many more years together.