Dog Badly Wants The Ice Cream, But Dad Tells Him To Perform A Trick First

We all have that one favorite snack that we just cannot resist. For Kruz the 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher, ice cream happens to be his ultimate weak spot! He will literally do anything to get his share of the tempting sweet treat. And this is exactly why ice cream is his biggest motivation to learn impressive doggie tricks!

In this video, we see Kruz eagerly waiting by the roadside for the ice cream truck. As his family lives in an isolated mountain community, ice cream truck visits are few and far between. So when Kruz finally hears the soothing music of the approaching colorful vehicle, he flips out in excitement and starts salivating right away!

Dad can barely hold Kruz back as the animated pooch showers the ice cream truck staff with his over-enthusiastic greetings! Once Dad buys Kruz’s favorite popsicle, the delighted dog immediately starts hovering around him like a bubbly little child. However, Dad meticulously balances a piece of the popsicle atop Kruz’s muzzle, and commands him when to eat it!

We’re sure you’ll be gasping in awe when you watch Kruz perform that neat acrobatic move to flip the popsicle right into his mouth! By the end of this video, he beats another one of Dad’s crafty mind games to get a repeat helping of his cherished snack. Kruz is a goofy entertainer and his adoration for ice cream is ridiculously cute!