Dog Befriends Neighbor Through Backyard Hole

Crimson, an outgoing pup, loves human friends and “will do anything for some love, attention, and food.”Over the last year, Crimson spent so much time near a hole in their backyard fence.Her mom discovered that Crimson has made friends with the neighbor, who pets her through the hole!Crimson is a hooman dog. Ever since she was little, she has become so fond of people — “more than she loves other dogs.”

Crimson’s mom, Kyndra Pickens, said that it doesn’t mean, though, that Crimson doesn’t like dogs: “She just really loves human friends. She will do anything for some love, attention, and food.”Kyndra added that her dog’s personality “is outgoing toward every person.”This has once again been proven this past year.

Crimson’s family noticed that she was always sitting near a hole in their backyard fence. It turns out that it wasn’t just a coincidence; Crimson deliberately spent so much time in that side of the yard.

Shortly, they realized that the pup was actually being pet by the neighbor through the hole!

Crimson and the family’s neighbor, Susan, who lives alone, have formed a backyard-hole friendship over the past year. It was a give-and-take kind — while Crimson enjoys being pet and loves getting extra attention, Susan is likewise happy with the comfort from petting Crimson.

“I oftentimes find Crimson patiently waiting by the hole, and sometimes I have to tell her Susan isn’t coming,” Kyndra said. “As far as how often Susan pets Crimson through the hole — it’s weather dependent because we don’t always let Crimson outside when it’s too cold, but I would say at a minimum a few times a week.”

The fur mom said that the family loved Susan more when they discovered her and Crimson’s little backyard moments.

“We talk with Susan when we are outside and we know she lives alone, so it makes us feel good she has a little bright spot in her day with Crimson,” Kyndra shared. “For Christmas, we brought her some baked goods and got a picture of the two of them together.”