Dog Breaks Guinness World Record For Most Tennis Balls Held In Mouth At Once

Something almost every dog tends to love playing with is a ball, but some of them take the game to a whole new level.One of those on that list is Finley, a Golden Retriever dog from Canandaigua, NY. Finley is not your average dog, he has a secret talent — he can squeeze half a dozen tennis balls into his mouth, beating the official record of five and setting a new Guinness World Record.

Finley has always had an obsession with tennis balls, even as a little puppy. That obsession only seemed to grow as he aged. He quickly learned how to shove as many balls as he could into is giant gob.Slowly, he taught himself to pick up not one or two tennis balls, but up to 6 at once. His proud owners, Cheri, and Rob Molloy made sure to document his achievement whenever they could.

After a lot of paperwork and patience, Finley has officially been declared a Guinness World Record holder. Crushing the original record of 5.