Dog Comforts Street Singer After Getting Nothing From Passersby

Anderson, an aspiring artist, was busking on the streets in hopes to get a little money in return.One day, a man saw him performing, but nobody gave him a cent.Anderson came running toward his dog at the roadside, and hugged him for comfort — a beautiful sight that inspired the man to help him.For a street performer who’s been struggling to make a living, a hug is comforting enough — especially if it comes from a loving pup.

A few days ago, Anderson, an aspiring artist struggling to make it in the music industry, was seen performing at a busy intersection in Colombia.He was spotted by Wara Ricoo, through his windowpane, as he was singing songs at a stoplight in hopes that he’d get a little money for it. Sadly, no one paid attention to Anderson and none bothered to offer him a dime.

When the light turned green, Anderson returned to the roadside, went straight to his dog, and hugged him tightly, as if pouring out the heaviness in his heart.

Wara was moved by the sight and thought that “it was a moment of love and loyalty.”

Wara went down to talk to Anderson, invited him and his dog in his house, and learned about Anderson’s life. Despite the hardships, Anderson committed to keep the dog, named Mayte, and take care of him.

Wara didn’t allow that chance to just pass by without him doing anything. So, he arranged a vet visit for Mayte and Anderson’s other dog, Negrita — who were both fortunately healthy. But this didn’t stop Wara from helping Anderson. He shared the young man’s story on social media, trying to seek help for his passion and talent to be recognized in the music industry.

Wara also booked him time in a recording studio for his music to be heard, which gave Anderson thousands of followers online. And since then, Anderson’s and his furry family’s lives have turned around, and he was very grateful for the “blessing” he received.

“I have faith that everything will change for the better,” Wara said of his new friends’ future. “No matter what life hits you with, keep going and give it love.”

This beautiful story surely had a beautiful start: that warm, heartfelt hug at a stoplight.

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