Dog Discarded With The Trash Found Trying To Keep Warm On An Old Chair

Ollie’s family moved away and didn’t think he was worth bringing along, so they left him behind with the trash. The dog was found trying to keep warm on an old chair, possibly a favorite spot in his old house. Little did he know his family was never coming back for him.Neighbors said the family was evicted and that they did return at one point to pick up a younger dog.

But Ollie was left to fend for himself for whatever reason. Thankfully, Terri Looby, a volunteer with Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), was out on a call when she spotted Ollie.Terri told News13: “He was all curled up as tight as he could get. I got out of the car, he lifted his head, I started going over towards him and I saw the tail wagging.

I used baby talk, I said ‘come on buddy, you’re OK.’ He came towards me and just started licking my face.”

The neighbors explained the situation to Terri, and she immediately took him to the vet where they discovered his badly broken femur. The dog was also severely underweight. Maybe his abandonment was a blessing in disguise if he’d been neglected like this for some time.

DAWG posted Ollie’s story on social media and offers to foster him poured in. He quickly found a place with a family with two little Pugs. A charitable page was created to help pay for the expensive surgery that was required for his broken femur, and it far exceeded the amount needed!

Ollie may have been unwanted by his old family, but so many people wanted to give this good boy a home. He’s now in his forever home with a family who would never think about abandoning him!