Dog Drags Blanket All The Way Outside, And Mom Follows To Take A Picture

A woman named Suelen Schaumloeffel adopted a puppy named Lana who was rescued off of the streets in Brazil. Lana had always been the best pup, but like with all other dogs, she somehow found a new way to impress her owner. Dogs just never cease to amaze their humans.One evening, Lana saw a stray dog outside of her home and went over to grab her blanket and started dragging it outside.

Lana took it all the way over to the dog and laid it out between them to share it and help keep the dog warm. Suelen saw the kind gesture and snapped a picture.It’s like Lana knows where she came from and refuses to forget it. She saw a dog in need and had to help out. And because of Suelen sharing the photo and story, the homeless dog ended up getting adopted!

What a happy ending to an already amazing story.

h/t I Love My Dog So Much