Dog Escapes Pet Sitter’s Yard & Goes On Epic Journey To Find His Owner

Anyone who loves dogs and adventure movies likely heard of the movie, Homeward Bound. In the movie, an American Bulldog, a Golden Retriever, and a Himalayan cat embark on a long journey through the wilderness in a quest to return home to their owners.

A dog named Axel might have watched the movie a few times because he recently went on a long, epic journey of his own.

Axel’s mom, Leslie Robinson of Austin, Texas, took an out-of-town trip with her fiancee recently and left Axel behind with his dogsitter, her boyfriend’s mom. Axel decided he didn’t want to stay behind and went out looking for his mom.

He somehow managed to escape the dogsitter’s yard and wound up on a two-day, 50-mile adventure until he reached his final destination, his house.

Source: WIVB4

The moment Axel escaped, people began looking for the pooch, but he managed to evade capture. Instead, Axel swam across Lake Travis, walked through various neighborhoods, and crossed busy streets and highways.

Source: WIVB4

The 7-year-old Blue Heeler was spotted now and then, but no one could ever get close enough to catch him. Robinson went out in a boat with her best friend so they could search the shoreline, but there was no sign of Axel.

Finally, two days later Robinson went out to her backyard for coffee, and along came Axel as if nothing happened. No one knows how he survived nor how he knew where his house was located, but Axel certainly went on an adventure similar to the animals in the movie, Homeward Bound.