Dog Finds Comfy Spot On The Rug To Sleep, And He Blends Right In

Hoss lives in the middle of the woods in southern Mississippi with his family and dog best friend. They have 40 acres and a lake and run outside and play all day long! But when it’s time to relax, Hoss crashes and is very hard to find!Hoss will usually sleep in bed with his mom at night, but other times he has found that their white fluffy rug is very comfortable.

The only thing is he’s very hard to see there as he is also white and fluffy!One day, Hoss was napping on his favorite rug when Mom walked by, and she was taken aback at how easily she lost him amongst the fluffiness. He was pretty much invisible! She took a photo and shared it to Facebook to see if anyone could spot him…

And most people were not able to find Hoss! Did you spot him right away?

If not, how long did it take you?

Now imagine this happening in your house every day!

h/t – The Dodo