Dog Finds Her ‘Twin’ While On A Walk, Convinces Owner To Adopt Him

Bethany was walking her dog, Rogue, one day when they noticed an adoption event going on. And at that adoption event was a dog who looked just like Rogue! Her dog seemed to notice this as well as he took right to Beast with a genuine interest and attraction.Bethany and her boyfriend had been thinking about adding a second dog to the family, but they weren’t actively looking.

But Rogue wasn’t about to let Mom leave this “twin” of hers behind!“What made me want to rescue Beast over the other dogs was that he looked just like Rogue. They’re both Cairn Terrier mixes, Rogue’s mom was a Lab/Pit mix and her dad a Cairn and with Beast we’re just not sure, it just has Cairn mix,” Bethany told Bored Panda.

Beast tried to assert dominance early on, but after about a month things settled down.

Now the two enjoy their Hawaiian lifestyles playing on the beach and doing everything possible together.

Fate brought Rogue and Beast together, and this family wouldn’t have it any other way.