Dog Gets Toy Stick Tossed Into Water For Her Friend Who’s Afraid To Swim

Charlee and Yuma are friends, but they have different ways.Yuma is “very much the alpha” who barely wanted to share her toys with Charlee.
But when Yuma saw how much Charlee wanted the floating stick in the water but was scared to swim, she didn’t hesitate to get it and give it to her.Charlee and Yuma are pretty different. Both have their own ways but still managed to be best friends.

“Charlee is my mom’s golden and Yuma is ours, but Charlee comes for a few weeks at a time to hang out,” Darcy Michael, Yuma’s dad, told The Dodo. “Both have their opinions, but really, they just want to hang out together and get as dirty as possible.”Yuma is the queen of the toys. She “is very much the alpha. What Yuma wants, Yuma gets.” Darcy said that she’d never give up a toy for Charlee and would even bark anytime Charlee has a toy, until a recent happening exposed the kind of heart Yuma actually has.

Charlee is fascinated with floating sticks. As much as she wanted to get a stick out of the water, Charlee just couldn’t bring herself to swim. She’s not really a fan of being wet, in general.

Recently, Charlee desperately wanted to grab a floating stick but just stood there looking so helpless, but Yuma has taken over and didn’t hesitate to catch the stick and give it to Charlee. She could have sensed how much Charlee wanted to retrieve the stick but was so afraid to go in the water.

The sight made Darcy smile. Seeing how his dog, who rarely shared a toy with Charlee, wanted Charlee to enjoy that stick that she dove into the water to get it just had made the fur dad so proud of her.

There are still moments when Yuma’s instincts would tell her to keep the toy for herself, but her love for her best friend prevails most of the time.

“It’s just so sweet. You can’t help but think, ‘We don’t deserve dogs,’” Darcy said.