Dog Gives Owner The Silent Treatment After A Trip To The Doggy Dentist

No one likes to go to the dentist-EVER. That goes for dogs too. It’s definitely not as fun as going to the dog park or to get a burger.So when Fritz’s mom, Bret Mortimer, takes him to his dental appointment, of course she doesn’t tell him where they’re going. Imagine his surprise to discover himself at a doctor appointment and it’s not his usual vet.

The betrayal!It wasn’t easy to leave Fritz for his teeth cleaning but his mom knows how important oral health care is for dogs. It prevents disease and will keep his teeth and gums healthy. It will help Fritz live a long, happy life.But Fritz doesn’t see it that way- at all.After his appointment, Bret picks up a very annoyed Fritz.

Apparently he really hated his dental appointment because he won’t even look at mom. He gazes straight ahead to make sure she knows he’s ignoring her.

Boy does Fritz have an attitude but we just love it! So funny!