Dog Hilariously Howls Along To Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’

Who doesn’t love cruising down the freeway blasting music? It’s the ultimate summer activity- an ice-cold bottle of water, the wind whipping through your hair… or fur in the case of Lola the Shiloh Shepherd.Lola and her owner Annie were on a road trip together when one of their favorite songs of all time came on the radio.

When We Are The Champions by Queen starts playing, Annie can’t help but turn the radio up and start singing along!It doesn’t take long for Lola to feel left out of the festivities. Once the chorus picks up, Lola starts to chime in with her own doggy version of the song.She may not know all the words, but Lola’s pitch is on point.

Not only is she amusing owner Annie, but she seems to even be keeping tempo with the music!

How many dogs do you know who could give a Queen impersonator a run for their money?

If Lola isn’t already in show business, she should be!