Dog Is Heartbroken When Little Girl Leaves For School

Legend just loves his six-year-old best friend Brooklyn, so every time she leaves for school, he whines and cries for hours, but sure goes crazy when she comes home! Adorable!There are people who rarely think twice about leaving their pet alone when they are busy running errands. There are instances when our pets have to be left alone at home.

And there are those owners who leave a piece of their soul with their pet every time they leave them. Kisses and hugs and tears all around!We wonder who takes the time to think about the impact they leave on the pet when it is left home alone. Here is a proof that dogs miss you even worse!We all love our dogs, they are a factory of unbearable cuteness and unwavering loyalty, clumsy but obedient.

They care so deeply about us, their human companions, that they most likely even dream about us as they snooze. That, of course is why leaving them on their own is so hard for us. Whether we just go for a quick visit to the toilet or go out for a day, it’s very likely that our dog will look at us like we’re leaving him forever. Their eyes go wide, they will begin to whimper, and they will start thinking that they are left alone for good.

Footage shows one overly affectionate pooch sitting in the front seat of a car, watching the little girl walk leave for the school bus. Owner filmed the entire thing on camera! Judging by the reaction this loving dog displays, he is really going to miss her and he sure knows how to show it!

The moment the little girl closes the back door, the massive pooch starts to cry. His whining will give you teary eyes. Dogs are truly man’s best friend! Don’t take them for granted!