Dog Is Worried About Where Dad Is Taking Him, Then Dad Asks Him To Look Outside

Captain the Pug wasn’t quite sure why Dad buckled him up to the car seat out of the blue. As Dad began driving past the mundane streets, Captain naturally began pondering over the reason for their sudden trip. Was it already time for that wretched vet visit again? Or was it something else entirely?

The gradual build-up during the journey was too much for Captain, and it almost drove him crazy! But the moment Dad started slowing down the car – Captain reveled in the familiar scent of the bustling street. When he finally looked outside, he spotted the pet store banner and realized Dad had parked just outside one of his favorite places in the whole wide world!

In this priceless video, we see Captain’s ecstatic reaction upon finding himself at the pet store. The wrinkly cutie can barely contain his wild joy as he excitedly howls and grunts like a noisy little goblin, while hopping about with his seatbelt still on. What a sight!

We love how Dad cheekily keeps teasing Captain about his fondness for the pet store, before finally letting him out to explore his “dream destination”. Our hearts melted away watching his sniffing antics inside the store! Do keep your volumes up to make sure you don’t miss Captain’s croaky celebratory freak-out in the car!