Dog Learns How To Pacify His Baby Sister So She Would Stop Crying

Remus, a 10-year-old pup, was used for dogfighting, which made him anxious and reactive with other dogs.Liz Graffagnino Taft and her husband adopted Remus six years ago and helped him with his fears and behavior.The hard work paid off as Remus has become very sweet, gentle and caring, even to the couple’s newly born baby whom Remus would pacify if she starts crying.
This pit bull with a difficult past has turned into a sweet, caring dog who always makes his newborn baby sister stop from crying.

Remus, a 10-year-old pit bull, was used for dogfighting. This tough experience made him deal with fear, separation anxiety and reactivity with other dogs. When his old owner went to jail, Remus was brought to Flagler Humane Society, where he was recovering from that bitter past.Six years ago, Liz Graffagnino Taft and her husband adopted Remus. Liz said that Remus “was adopted twice and returned twice to that shelter for being ‘too clingy’ before we got him.”

It took the couple months to help Remus with his fears and behavior, which soon paid off and transformed the pup into a gentle, loving companion.

When the couple brought their new baby daughter home, they were worried about how Remus would react — knowing that he had been the center of their attention and had never been with children before.

To their pleasant surprise, the pittie calmly welcomed the baby home.

“We were super cautious at first because he’s so big,” Liza said. “So he met her through the gate and just licked her through it and was surprisingly calm. He immediately knew that he needed to be careful with her.”

At first sight, Remus fell in love with his little sister. “He lays at my feet whenever I breastfeed and licks the back of her head when she cries,” their mom said.

Remus would lick him once in a while and started caregiving her. He even helps his mom comfort the baby. Whenever she cries, he would grab the special breastfeeding pillow to pacify her.

“Every time she cries, we grab the pillow and I nurse her and she stops crying,” Liza said. “She was having a meltdown just before and crying for several minutes. The pillow was all the way upstairs on the bed and he ran up there, grabbed it and ran back down.”

It’s adorable how Remus must have “associated the pillow “with her no longer crying.”

In that little way, Remus has inspired Liza to become a certified canine behavior specialist with her own dog training business. And for her, this once lonely and afraid dog is now “the perfect brother” for their precious little one.