Dog Likes To Lay Her Head On Mom’s Belly To Listen To Baby Brother

Shea Haugen is pregnant and her dog Avon can’t wait to meet her baby brother.Avon used to be a hyper dog but when she realized that her mom is pregnant, she became calmer and protective.Avon loves to rest her head on her Mom’s belly so she could listen to her baby brother moving inside.Avon used to be a very hyperactive dog, but when she realized that her mom Shea Haugen is pregnant, she suddenly has gotten a little calmer and sweeter.

“I think she first noticed I was pregnant when I was around 14 [to] 15 weeks because she would normally jump around so much, but she started being more gentle,” Shea told The Dodo.Avon also became extra protective of her pregnant mom and always wants to be by her side. As Shea’s baby bump grows, Avon gets more and more excited and seems ready to meet her future baby brother.

What Avon loves to do now is to rest her head on Shea’s belly so she could listen to her baby brother moving around inside.

“She definitely lays her head down to listen to him and she gets really excited when he kicks,” Shea said. “Typically that’s when her tail starts wagging uncontrollably.”

The dog who’s known to be so hyper and who can’t stay in one spot could now lay with her head on mom’s belly just to listen to her baby brother.

“Funny enough, my baby boy seems to like [giving] her a good kick whenever she lays her head on my tummy,” She asaid.

Avon will be a big sister very soon but in the meantime, she’ll just keep on laying her head on Mom’s belly.

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