Dog Makes A Mess, Then Tries To Clean It With Toilet Paper

We’ve always suspected dogs were really smart, and we have just received new evidence that will definitely prove it!
Acelin Hampton is just your regular guy from Texas. He adopted a dog three months ago and named him Pablo. The little pup has started getting used to life with his new dad with only a few mishaps.

According to Hampton, Pablo only had a few accidents around the house that he had to clean up. He said he would use toilet paper to wipe up Pablo’s wet mess as the latter watched on. With a few incidents involving toilet paper around the house, none were quite as impressive as when Pablo tried to clean up his own pee off the bathroom floor.

Hampton tweeted a photo and people are cracking up!

Acelin Hampton

And this is his owner, Acelin Hampton from Denton, Texas

Hampton is an entrepreneur and recording artist. He adopted Pablo 3 months ago and has been house training him since then.

Acelin Hampton

According to him, Pablo has been getting more and more used to using the restroom outside with only a few slip ups. In the few accidents he has to clean up, Hampton uses toilet paper as Pablo watches.

Acelin Hampton

One time, Hampton had to leave Pablo in the care of a friend. Pablo had to pee and couldn’t hold it in… and he accidentally peed on the bathroom floor. Hampton came home and found that this happened:

Acelin Hampton

Pablo tried to clean up after himself just as he had seen his dad do it! Hampton took to Twitter to express his amazement

People all around the Twitterverse are applauding Pablo for his effort! This is one smart dog, indeed.
After all, wouldn’t you be impressed if your dog did something like that?

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