Dog Requires Hugs From His Parents Before They Leave The House Each Day

Not only does Max like hugs, he requires them before Mom and Dad leave the house each day! The 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel is so good at learning new tricks that he put that skill to use to train his parents.Now every time they try to go out the door, Max is there waiting for, and demanding, his hug!

Mom and Dad don’t remember exactly when they realized they’d been trained, but it’s now a big part of who Max is as a dog. And it’s not just his parents — Max also hugs any visitors trying to leave the house, and he hugs people when he’s the one leaving!While Max needs a proper goodbye, he also can’t do without a proper greeting!

When the dog sees someone coming home, he stands at the door and then grabs a shoe to gift them as they walk in. When they take the shoe, he then gives a hug!

“He will do anything he can to jam himself into the hug,” Max’s mom, Kathryn Toope, told The Dodo. “If he fails at that, he will try to disrupt it.”

Max is all about those hugs! And luckily for him, everyone’s always willing to comply.