Dog Rescued After Wandering Through Arctic Ice For More Than A Week

Aika, a one-year-old Samoyed, ran away from home in Northern Russia and had been missing for more than a week.The crew of a Russian icebreaker found the lost dog who had been wandering the Arctic ice fields for more than a week.It’s a miracle Aika survived and has since been reunited with her owner.A missing dog has been rescued by Russian sailors after wandering through the Arctic ice fields for more than a week.

Aika, a one-year-old Samoyed, ran away from her home in the village of Mys Kamenniy on Russia’s Arctic coast. According to her owner Svetlana Chereshneva, Aika escaped through an open door on May 21.The crew of a Russian icebreaker ship found Aika in the ice fields near the village.Yegor Agapov, the captain of the Alexander Sannikov icebreaker, said “the dog approached the side of the vessel as it traversed the sparse and freezing landscape toward an oil terminal in the Gulf of Ob.”

The crew captured the white dog in a video wagging her tail and walking carefully on the rugged ice. The crew lowered a ladder for her to climb when she approached the vessel.

“We put out the ladder, by which the dog climbed aboard on its own. Later, with the help of mobile phone, we established contact with the local population, found the owner of the dog,” Evgeny Nagibin, a navigation assistant, told Russia 1.

Aika was taken to a nearby village and reunited with her owners, who are very thankful for the rescue. The dog probably would not have survived the ordeal without the intervention of the crew.

“The dog didn’t go anywhere without us, we have no idea how she got there,” said Svetlana.

The Samoyed breed is native to northern Russia and Siberia. It is a herding dog with a thick, fluffy white coat.

Dogs are known for their ability to survive in difficult conditions.

In 2019, a dog was found by workers on an oil rig some 135 miles off the coast of Thailand. The same year, a French bulldog survived a six-story plunge from a New York building, CNN reported.