Dog Retrieves Mails, Delivers Groceries And Meals To An Elderly Neighbor Everyday

Karen Eveleth knew her elderly neighbor, Renee Hellman, needed help for some things while in quarantine.So she thought of teaching her dog to do some chores for her like delivering groceries, food, and retrieving mails from the mailbox.Renee is so grateful for the dog’s help she calls him a “humble hero.”Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. But a sweet golden retriever proved that dogs are more than that—they are the most helpful neighbors too.

Renee Hellman, 71 years old, from Colorado, is just one of the many residents who are in home quarantine to prevent exposure to the virus. Renee is especially vulnerable to the threats of COVID-19 because of her condition—chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Since then, she has stayed at home in Manitou Springs for over three weeks now.Karen Eveleth, Renee’s neighbor, knew that Renee needed assistance while in quarantine and she wanted to help, but she just didn’t know how without possibly exposing her to danger.

She came up with a genius idea to teach her dog, Sundance, how to deliver goods to Renee’s home.

Since then, not only was Sundance able to deliver Renee food and groceries, he has also learned to retrieve her mail from the postal box.

“I make meals for her also and Sundance brings back the empty bowls,” Karen told CNN. “He is a humble hero. When he hears something drops, he knows I’ve got to get that for mom because I have a bad back. He also gets the mail. I have the carrier leave the box open. Sunny has two siblings, but delivery and pick up is not in their DNA.”

Sundance has become Renee’s “humble hero” visiting her regularly, bringing her meals, and doing mail delivery.

That is very inspiring and it is a reminder to all of us that while dogs can do a big part for the society to make things better, we people should be more obedient in doing our parts—to stay at home and to follow all precautionary measures implemented by the government—after all, it is for our own good!

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