Dog Saved After Falling 20ft Down A Sewer Hole, Gets Adopted By His Team Of Rescuers

When Julian the dog was rescued by the Houston, Texas Department of Public Works and Engineering crew, not only was his life spared; he finally had a family!The 3-year-old stray was found at the bottom of a 20-foot deep sanitary sewer. The poor pup, who was named Julian, was lucky to have survived the fall. But he must have been so scared, waiting in the cold, dark, sewer for someone to finally find him!

Thankfully, workers from the Department of Public Works and Engineering discovered the helpless dog and brought him to safety with the help of the folks from BARC animal shelter.Despite being terrified and surrounded by strangers, Julian – who’s been affectionately nicknamed “Sewer Sam” was calm and friendly with his rescuers. It was as if he knew they’d come to help him out!

We’re so glad this beautiful boy got rescued. (Just look at those soulful eyes!) But Julian’s story doesn’t end there. A Facebook post by BARC posted an exciting update:

“The City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department team adopted the pup and plan to make him their new mascot.”

Way to go, Julian! He will never have to worry about being lonely again, thanks to his rescuers, which are now his family.