Dog Shows Owner Cold Treatment After Realizing She Gave Her A Different Haircut

Roxy, a big hairy dog, is a naturally happy pup.Eris Baker, her owner, decided to cut her hair differently, which now includes trimming her head too to avoid tangling hairs in her ears.Roxy was excited upon getting out of the groomer, but turned evidently cold upon seeing her new haircut, leaving Eris bursting into laughter — and us, too!How this cute furry pup reacted upon seeing her new haircut will leave you laughing.

Roxy, a big pup, is a “hairy” bundle of joy. Her naturally curly and bouncy hair just seems to add zest to her personality — let’s just say like how Samson has loved his hair.“She is super sassy and fun-loving,” Eris Baker, Roxy’s owner, told The Dodo.But a recent hair trim challenged Roxy’s bubbly spirit.As Eris discovered that Roxy’s usual haircut tends to cause a small problem as her hair usually got matted around her ears, she recently asked the groomer to trim Roxy’s ears, too — which appeared awfully unexpected for Roxy.

Roxy then had a different cut, not her usual trim where the hair on her body was cut back, but her head and ears were left almost untouched.

“She seemed super excited when I picked her up [from the groomer],” Eris said. “But when I put her in the car, I think she caught a glimpse of what she looks like and got a little upset.”

And so Roxy gave her the cold shoulder. She must have loved her hair so much!

“I died at first when I saw her ears,” Eris said. “The fact that she looks like an alpaca kills me.”

After a few moments of coldness, Roxy seemed to slowly accept that she looks a little quirky now.

In no time, Roxy will surely have her hair back, but Eris plans on requesting the same look for Roxy.

“It just fits her so perfectly,” Eris said. “It’s kind of like her trademark now.”