Dog Spots Baby Trying To Climb Into Doggy Bed – Quickly Comes To His Aid

Once babies hit a certain age, they begin to notice more and become a lot more curious of the world around them.This baby, named Alfred, is finally at that age where he wants to explore where ever his tiny feet can take him.Unfortunately for him, that isn’t many places, since he is just learning how to walk, but his doggy sister, Lea, is there to help him.

When Lea, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, spots Alfred trying to climb into her doggy bed, she quickly comes to his aid.Lea takes her blanket off the bed to make room for Alfred and then lies down next to him, watching his every move as if he is encouraging him to make it onto the bed.Alfred looks back at Lea and acknowledges his presence as if he is saying thank you to her.

By the looks of this video, it seems like these two are going to be the best of friends! Also, growing up with a dog by your side is simply the best!