Dog Takes His Pig Best Friend Weekly For A Walk

Animals always teach us precious lessons in life. In a world where people tend to be classist and racist sometimes, animals create friendships with each other without looking at species, color, or race.Just Colt and Carlton, a pig and a dog that became friends in a very short time.Their bond was spontaneous, Colt always looks at Carl. They were always jumping and running together, even fighting and playing in the garden.

The family adopted Carlton, the pig after he was discovered abandoned. He needed space, an open-air place to roll in the mud, or leaves freely as he was getting bigger every day.Their story started great and remained as great. No difference stopped them from being best friends. One day, their owner went to her singing lessons, when the adorable pig found his soul mate, Colt.

Since day one, Carlton always waits on Mondays at the door as he knows when it’s time to go.


He runs from the car to the door and Colt becomes very happy and starts jumping just when he sees him. After weeks, they are still so happy to see each other every Monday.