Dog That Spent His Whole Life Chained Sees The Ocean For The First Time

There’s not much sadder than seeing a dog living its life neglected and on a chain. Suffering and helpless, these dogs are often left to die by owners who have no love or compassion to give.Hershel the German shepherd was one such dog. He endured a terrible start in life. By the hands of his wretched owner, he was chained to a pole for 5 years and then was abandoned and left to die.

Fortunately for Hershel, he was finally rescued from his terrible situation. He was placed in a rescue and once there, he overflowed with delight. So much so, in fact, his personality blossomed and he became a happy, joyful dog with an overabundance of love to give.However in his exuberance to share his love, his ultra excitement was often taken for aggression and he was unfortunately rejected by several potential adopters, and returned to the rescue twice.

His sad plight was heard by Rocky Kanaka of the “Dogs Day Out” program. He knew that the big teddy bear just needed to get out of his tiny kennel and get some special attention. He volunteered to take Hershel on an outing and give him the best day of his life.

He picked Hershel up for his big day and decided to take him to see the ocean for the first time. But first, Hershel got to enjoy his first burrito and puppuccino. Finally they arrived at the beach, where Hershel exploded with delight!

In fact, he was so excited to see the beach that he could not contain himself. Jumping and barking out his joy he was a wiggly, big ball of fluffy happiness. After all, Hershell had never experienced an adventure, let alone a trip to the beach.

When he finally got his paws in the water, he leaped in the waves and was clearly jumping for joy. He instantly fell in love with the water and the once neglected dog was simply overwhelmed by happiness.

The best part of his story is that soon after this trip, he found his forever home where we are sure he got to experience a lot more wonderful first times. We are so happy for this special guy.